• Terrible Beauty: On the Eve of Holy Week
    On Saturday, April 12, from 7-9pm at FMC 
     On Saturday, April 12, from 7-9pm at FMC http://outreachconnections.org/?p=3200
  • One Day...Many Hands...Citywide Impact
     Saturday, May 3, 2014 - Join us! http://outreachconnections.org/?p=3178
  • Strike Out Homelessness with CSA!
     Join us Friday, April 11, 2014 for beer, bands and bowling http://outreachconnections.org/?p=3167
  • Join the FMC 24hour Prayer & Worship Celebration this Friday!
     Beginning Friday, April 4th at 5pm and ending Saturday, April 5th at 5pm http://outreachconnections.org/2013/12/31/fmc-24hour-prayer-watch-this-friday-january-3rd-from-5pm-saturday-5pm/

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